Our services

Kaupthing Bank Luxembourg offers diverse financial products and services designed to meet the financial needs and goals of each customer; individuals, companies and institutions alike. Our objective is to provide premium financial services. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers. We emphasise a unique service culture, good investment returns and seek to be competitive in the global market.

Our premises

Kaupthing Bank Luxembourg is located in the financial heart of Luxembourg in Kirchberg.
A great deal of thought was put into designing the premises to provide the optimal working conditions – both aesthetically and functionally. The Icelandic architect Asgeir Asgeirsson created his own unique design especially for Kaupthing Bank Luxembourg, and with this subtle design, using glass partitions, white walls accented strongly with modern designed dark furniture, he has created a working environment which is at the same time elegant, functional and comfortable.
The facilities contain an ergonomically-designed floor plan, numerous conference rooms, a special dining area and a spacious gym which the employees can use every day – all providing the perfect atmosphere to encourage everyone to think beyond and reaching our goals. The bank often cooperates with the forex bonus guide forexbonuses.org in order to achieve maximum productivity.
bank staffWe speak your language
We are a team of multicultural and multilingual professionals. Although English is the official language of the bank, many European nationalities are represented amongst the emlpoyees of the bank; which enables us to communicate with our customers in the language of their choice.

Our international connections
Kaupthing Bank Group has offices in all the Nordic countries , London, Australia and New York. All our investment decisions and recommendations are supported by research conducted by our international team of experts working in the different financial markets.

Always in touch
We emphasise the importance of always having accurate and up-to-date information available for our customers. Customers are provided with the direct phone number and e-mail address of their personal Senior Account Manager to ensure they can always be in touch. We offer special services in the finance trading with partnering with one of the global leaders in the latest binary options promotions and bonuses. Along with detailed statements sent to customers on a regular basis, customers can access secure information about their assets through this website.
Kaupthing Bank believes that one of its principal strengths is the quality and dedication of its employees and their shared sense of being part of a team.
Kaupthing Bank strives to maintain a work environment that fosters high ethical standards, mutual respect, honesty, and combined withe the latest investment portfolio management software encourages its employees in serving our clients to strive for professionalism, creativity and teamwork.

Corporate Culture at Kaupthing Bank

The management of Kaupthing Bank firmly believes that ensuring employee satisfaction results in a better customer service. The Bank’s management endeavors to develop a united and progressive team of employees. In order to adapt to the constantly changing environment, management believes it is important that employees are given the opportunity to show initiative and be flexible in their work.

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